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introspection tl;dr )

After giving it some thought, he opens his journal and pauses for a moment, then speaks.]  Kaname Tanuma has returned home. [It’s been a few days since he left, but he’s not here anymore either way.]  If anyone had been his friend while he was here… thank you.

[Really, he’s grateful to anyone who had befriended him.  Tanuma has always been like him, quiet and just a part of the background—well, at least most of the time in the eyes of other people.  He had been improving along with him back home so if he had been able to branch out here, even just a little, he’s glad.  It's the reason he decided to announce it, in case he had made friends.

Just as he goes to close the journal, a black mass jumps off Takashi's shoulder and lands on the journal, cutting the feed off just as he starts to yell in surprise.  Well then.

Later in the day, Takashi will be wandering out and about in the village plaza and bakery with a certain
fat black cat draped on his shoulder, on his head or in his arms.  Riou being here has made him feel slightly better but not by much.  The ayakashi apparently can't talk and isn't as entertaining as Nyanko-sensei like this, but at least he's cute.]
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tl;dr weeee )

So he gets up and grabs his journal, not thinking to use it as he tries to remember his way back house 54.  If you're out walking in the rain, you may spot a teenage boy in new feather pants wandering about, sometimes looking completely lost.  Some of his memory is fuzzy still, okay!  Please help him if you can.


A little while later, after he's been returned home and caught up with Tanuma on everything, he opens his journal.  At first he's quiet, unsure of what to say.

After a moment, he finally speaks up] 
 ...I'm back. [It's said in an almost awkward tone]

Does this kind of thing happen a lot?  Being brought back from home and be able to remember Luceti, I mean.  I didn't think people could remember anything if they came back.  [Well, at least he can't remember if anyone else could remember anything.]

...Also, I think Reiko Natsume has returned home.  [There's a hint of sadness in his voice.  He didn't even get to say goodbye.]  If she took anyone's names, please tell me. 
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[It isn't the icy sting of the snow pressing against his bare back that wakes Takashi up.  It isn't the searing pain running up and down his spine.  It's the silence.  The unsettling silence all around him.

Why is it so quiet... He tries to listen for something, some sort of noise.  Yokai chatting away to themselves, Sensei or Touko trying to wake him up but... nothing.

Before he can open his eyes, a lump of snow falls from the tree branches above him and lands on his face.]
Uwaah! [Cold cold cold!  He quickly sits up and frantically tries to wipe the snow... the snow... why is there snow?  There shouldn't be snow inside the house.  If Nyanko brought snow into the house just to do that as a joke, Takashi isn't laughing.

Moving his hands out of the way, he stares at what he had expected to be his room but... It isn't his room, it isn't his home, the one he lives in with Touko and Shigeru.

It's the forest.  But which forest is this?  Who brought him here?  No doubt a yokai looking for the book of friends but... did they find it?  It should be right... He quickly turns around hoping to see the book of friends but instead, there's a book with his name on it, lying next to him.

That book isn't what's important to him right now though.  If a yokai managed to get their hands on the book of friends then...

He gets to his feet and turns, accidently kicking the journal so it opens and records as he starts yelling-]


--ei!!  Nyanko-sensei!  Where is he... [There's rustling in the bushes behind him.]  Who's there? 

[There's a presence close by, he can feel it.]

...I need to find the book of friends and get out of here.  Where is it? [His voice gets quieter as he begins to look around for it]


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